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MongoDb Videos

This is the wiki for **10gen**'s _MongoDB for DBAs / Administrators_.

[Welcome to the MongoDB Community](

**Week 7**

* Youtube playlist link for week 7: [Week 7 playlist link](

**Week 6**

* Youtube Playlist link for week 6: [Week 6 playlist link](

* Video lengths for week 6 can be found in [this forum post]( There are 10 lessons that range in length from 02:27 to 18:16. Enjoy.


**Week 5**

* Youtube Playlist [Link of youtube playlist for week 5](

* Video lengths can be found in [this forum post]( The lengths of the videos have been returned to managable time frames with the longest being just over 15 minutes in length.

* [List of youtube links](

**Week 4**

* Youtube Playlist link for week 4: [Week 4 playlist link](

* Video lengths can be found in [this forum post]( The videos are longer than usual this week.
* [List of youtube links](
* Correction: _One of the lecture videos says you can use --fork on Windows; however you cannot._ Just open a separate CMD.EXE instead or use START in the command prompt window.
** [Short Windows demo here](
* Homework 4.4 assumes you created your replica set members with `_id` values of `0`, `1` and `2`. There is a [forum post]( that calls this out.

**Week 3**

* The mapReduce gist from this week’s lesson can be found here: [MongoDB map reduce example 2](

* Note from Monday Nov 5: Week 3 is in editing. Later today we will announce exact timing of availabity (it won't be today). Apologies power was out most of the previous week here...

* [List of youtube links](

* Youtube Playlist link for week 3: [Week 3 playlist link](

**Week 2**

* Youtube Playlist link for week 2: [Week 2 playlist link](

**Week 1**

* Youtube Playlist link for week 1: [Week 1 playlist link](

* Correction: I believe somewhere in the videos I may have referred to SQL as "procedural" -- I meant to say "non-procedural". dm

* [**[HowTo] **watch or download courseware from youtube directly](

* [Whitespace in JSON syntax](

* Where to find products.json file : [](

* Note: we are working on the issue with the homework submissions more to come...

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